Our intercom system installations use crisp, clear audio or video communication products; they are designed for offices, apartment buildings and private residential houses. The two-way communication audio and video intercom systems are used to identify visitors prior to access being granted by the operator using the release button on the receiver.

Our entry panels come in a variety of different finishes which can be designed to match new or existing decor, with optional features such as integration with our access control systems, (a reader can be mounted within the panel to avoid having multiple units crammed in around the entrance door), timed trades entrance button, or access keypad.

These innovative systems come with a wide range of handsets and screens, which include colour choice, different mounting options and various internal applications such as a switch board facility for apartments with a concierge.

In addition to this the system can be connected to your phone system, which when the call button is pressed at the entry panel the system can then ring your internal phones, using this system in conjunction with a hands-free phone means if you have limited staff or are far away from the entry handset, you will still be able to communicate with the controlled door and operate the release button without missing any visitors or deliveries.

All systems that MS Security & Communications Ltd install are tailor made to provide you with the greatest choice and flexibility, whilst being reliable, simple to use and economical to install.

CCTV is used throughout the UK as a means of protecting individuals and property against harm or to take action against those people who would cause harm. Why should your business or home be any different? CCTV technology can be deployed cost-effectively to help protect you, your home and your business.

IP or conventional CCTV cameras can be deployed to monitor and constantly record wide or specific areas. In addition to this, our digital recorders can also look for and record movement at times when there should be none. (IP means that these cameras or the conventional recorder can be connected to the internet or an internal network), you can even watch what’s going on from your own computer using an internet connection to your CCTV system.

As with all security systems installed by MS Security & Communications Ltd, each CCTV installation is designed to meet your specific need, from simple observation camera systems to multi-function systems transmitting real time data to a monitoring station. We also provide a maintenance programme to ensure your system is working to protect you and an emergency call-out service for those times when things go wrong (with the best will in the world, technology sometimes stops working for the simplest of reasons).

Controlling access to your facility is critical to management of a broad range of security risks. The plan access control technology we predominantly use is scalable – from a single door to multiple sites, fully integrated digital video and visitor management systems can also be provided as part of a complete turnkey security solution.

We offer card access systems, including smart card technologies that allow you to store critical information or to be used for cashless vending. Those seeking entry to the facility, whether employees, vendors, or other visitors can be assigned access levels allowing entrance to designated areas only. An alert can be issued if any attempt is made to enter an unauthorized area.

MS Security also provides biometric solutions – including fingerprint, hand identification, and retinal scanning devices. These and other advanced biometric technologies help ensure that only pre-authorized persons obtain access to highly sensitive areas of your business.

MS Security Ltd provides user-friendly PC based, managed access systems that allow the administrator to update software, add and delete access cards, print user cards and produce critical employee management data. Our staff of experienced security professionals are on hand to provide the very best of technical support, allowing you focus on growing your business.

Visitor management systems enable you to electronically register visitors and generate detailed records of visitor traffic, including arrival and departure times.